Astir Promenades

Year 2018 Location Glyfada, Attica Area 200.000m2 Status Competition Entry In Collaboration with DECA ARCHITECTURE
Team members Yannis KItanis, Sissi Kasimati

The existing landscape of Asteria leisure complex in the Southern coast of Attica is occupied by structures that were built at different moments, from 1954 until today. They are a disjointed composition of buildings that do not relate to each other, forming an overall landscape with weak cohesion and confused identity. Our team in collaboration with Deca Architecture proposed two complimentary strategies that define a new identity of space:

Green mounds form a new topography, an undulating surface covered by Mediterranean flora, providing visual and acoustic privacy. The mounds are added to the existing flat landscape to form a new artificial topography. Moving through the mounds, by car or on foot, is a cleansing experience, a transition route engulfed by Mediterranean flora. The mounds also serve to conceal the parking areas.

Two wooden piers increase the shoreline and provide the locus with relaxation and activity. The long pier is a linear wooden structure that expands the beachfront into the sea. It is composed of three plains. The central Plain is flat, providing a smooth circulation route. The side plain is flat, providing a smooth circulation route. The side plains undulate creating private areas with umbrellas for hotel guests to sunbath and relax in the shade. The wide pier lies exactly in front of the Private Club, spanning the same width as the building. It is a hub of activities and fun, it contains pools, water slides, diving platforms and it harbors small sailing boats and ski crafts. The pier gently ramps up creating a shaded space underneath where the water sports center is located.