Fragma Hotel

Year 2015-2020 Location Marathi, Mykonos Area 400m2 Status Built Collaboration between Yannis Kitanis, Eleni Papanastasiou, Thodoris Tsafoulias Structural Engineer Lefteris Karakostas Photography Mariana Bisti

This project was conceived before the founding of OKTANA as a collaboration between Yannis Kitanis, Eleni Papanastasiou and Thodoris Tsafoulias. It is located right across the massive concrete structure of the dam of Mykonos which contrasts dramatically with the pseudo-traditional white houses that dominate the landscape of the over built island.  The client commissioned to design a small hotel with six suites having the view of the varying water level of the dam according to the season. During spring-time, the island is green and the dam is full with sparse visitors crossing the area. During summer time,  when the tourists take over, everything turns brown and yellow under the intense Mediterranean sunlight and the water of the dam gives place to a huge sandy basin. The proposal for the hotel uses this duality as the scheme that can repeat itself endlessly. Using the natural slope of the plot one typology of suite is sub terranean while at the same time enjoys the view of the dam from its front court. Next to it lies a regular stone volume and the scheme repeats itself. Having as a goal to contextualize the building without referring to traditional architectural elements beyond the use of retaining stonewalls, the new hotel’s pools arrangement resembles principal of the dam.