Glorious Holistic

Year 2018 Location Benaki Museum Area 36m2 Status Competition Entry, 1st Prize Photography Alina Lefa Model Theodora Tzimou Competition Organized by Domes
Team members Yannis Kitanis, Costas Alivizatos, Sissi Kasimati, Kleoniki Lytra

A banquet inside a white box. Eight attendants are seated on the soft floor, in a recumbent position, around a circular surface, glorifying their meal and their gathering. Inside the box, the banqueters float in a bright cloud of light. Their contextual detachment is interrupted by a hole in one of the box’s walls, through which food is served. Before becoming a dining fellowship, they were pilgrims. To reach the interior of the white box, they meander in a dark procession. In the narrow offset, the diminution of light is accompanied by the augmentation of color. Scents of life and of death, textures of softness and of hardness, sounds of nature and of craftsmanship, all in the ritualistic proceeding for the becoming of taste. The path through which nourishment transcends to pleasure. Unexpectedly juxtaposed mundane objects along their route. Organic matter, ice, cooking utensils, charcoal and smoke are arranged as if they were to be on display in a subterranean museum. The guests one by one enter a small booth. A threshold between dark and light at the entrance of the white box fully covered with mirrors. With a sense of devastation over the infinite depth, the pilgrim stays in limbo. Exits the booth. Jumps in the cloud. The banquet commences.