Leonce & Lenα Operα Set

Year 2016 Location National Theatre of Greece Status Built Collaboration between Yannis Kitanis and Eleni Papanastasiou Composer Kornilios Selamsis Costume Design Ioanna Tsami Light Design Sofia Alexiadou Photography George Sfakianakis

This project was conceived before the founding of oktana as a collaboration between Yannis Kitanis, Eleni Papanastasiou. A kinetic structure built from cables and metal cylinders is hung from the theatre’s ceiling and serves as the set for the opera Leonce & Lena (originally written by Georg Buechner in 1836). The varying size of the cables creates three spherical voids resembling separate universes, in which the several acts take place.  The atmosphere of the set varies and takes its shape according to vertical motion and the multiple reflections in the metal surfaces of the installation.