Sfina Double House

Year 2015-2020 Location Maroussi, Attica Area 250m2 Status Under Construction Structural Engineer George Kitanis Mechanical Engineer Manos Agapakis
Team members Yannis Kitanis, Eleni Papanastasiou, Kleoniki Lytra, Ioanna Kodiza

The area we intervened is a suburban neighborhood, north of Athens, with a continuous build-up. The solid housing system cancels the existing landscape of Attica which is full of streams and olive groves and replaces it with fenced properties containing the minimum greenery and eventually three-storey residential buildings. Our project attempts with a very subtle move to break this blockade and allow the surrounding landscape to have a stronger presence in the ever-developing context. Our project is a narrow (7x21m) monolithic concrete mass, with a planted terrace on the top. On the ground floor there is a store, on the 1sst and 2nd floors there are two identical apartments of 110 s.m. each and on the 3rd floor there is a small guest house that enjoys the elevated planted terrace. The materiality of the Sfina  Double House is a pallet of three different cement textures.