D. Daskalopoulos Arts Building

Year 2022 Location Psychiko, Attica Area 2800m2 Status Competition Entry IN COLLABORATION WITH: STELLA PANTELIA
Team members Y. Kitanis, L. Kitani, C. Alivizatos, F. Fiampoli, E. Chrysochoidou

The architectural vision of our proposal for the D. Daskalopoulos Arts Building is to insert a camouflaged and permeable prism in the existing campus, as if it has always been there. The materiality of the surrounding landscape of the school is enclosed meticulously in an archetypal double-pitched type in a way that its mass almost disappears at first glance. The long prism is carved in its two directions with see-through voids allowing free flow and specific iconic views along the school campus.

The D. Daskalopoulos Arts Building will act as a particle of a threefold program in the larger school campus of the Athens College. The Educational Centre, the Exhibition Space and the Parking are the three ingredients of the new building volume filling the height-gap of the given plot in between the basketball courts and the woods of the Athens College. Reaching the Arts Building from the woods, we conceive it as a single level prismatic volume. On approach from the main entrance of the Athens College the double pitched roof becomes the primary image of the Arts Building and its geometry echoes some of the nearby educational buildings of the campus.