Municipal Kindergαrten

Year 2018 Location Agios Stefanos, Attica Area 200m2 Status Competition Entry, 1st Honorable Mention Structural Engineering Consultant Yannis Tsafoulias
Team members Yannis Kitanis, Costas Alivizatos, Sissi Kasimati, Kleoniki Lytra

The architectural competition conducted by the municipality of Agios Stefanos in the Northern region of Attica and “Alumil” Company, was about the creation of a building that would programmatically combine the facilities of a Kindergarten and a multipurpose room designated for the local City Council. Our intention was to spatially translate the binary program. Thus, we chose an L – shaped plan, the two axes of which would define each program on two different levels, each one built by different material. Exposed concrete for the city council and brick for the kindergarten. Furthermore, the L– shaped plan provided the maximum area for the kindergarten enclosed courtyard. Depending on the program, the relation of the building with its environment through the facades, is either transparent (multipurpose room) or opaque (kindergarten). The building was designed in an eco-friendly manner by taking advantage the site’s orientation, so that it would be heated by natural means during the winter and cooled-off by the use of buffer-zones and light structures for shading.