Hill School Footbridge Slide

Year 2018-present Location Athens Status On going
Team members Costas Alivizatos, Yannis Kitanis, Sissi Kasimati, Kleoniki Lytra

Located in the historic district of Plaka in the center of Athens, Hill Memorial School established in 1831, is considered to be one of the oldest educational institutions in Greece. The current building facilities of the school are consisted of two autonomous buildings, constructed between 1925 – 1936. OKTANA was called to give a solution regarding student and stuff circulation from one building to the other, especially during rainy days. The initial idea for the creation of a light and removable construction, evolved to be a suspended corridor, which would interconnect the two buildings on the first-floor level, while providing rain protection on the ground floor level. Amplifying the already existing joyful ambience of the school, the suspended corridor was conceived as a large-scale playground object, with a protective and functional use.