Lignite Quarry Lake

Year 2019 Location Amydaio, Greece Area 500000m2 Status Competition Entry Landscape Consultant Stella Pantelia Urban Planning Consultant Konstantinos Papadimitrakopoulos
Team members Yannis Kitanis, Costas Alivizatos, Elena Chrysochoidou, Electra Polyzou

Our proposal concerning the landscape redefinition and the productive reintegration of a site that was formed by the earth depositions coming from the Amydaion Lignite Quarry is based on the notion of retrieval and the creation of a relation of dynamic balance between Nature, Man and Energy. During the centuries, the prehistoric coniferous forest was gradually transformed into lignite deposits, which were for the first time excavated in the early 80’s. Ever since, the Amydaion Mine has been Greece’s main purveyor of lignite, thus the country’s main source of electric power. Along lignite, portions of sterile earth were brought to the ground level, which eventually formed the given site. In the near future, the Amydaion Quarry is going to run out of lignite deposits and in the overall, the mine is destined to become an artificial lake. Our proposal is structured on the creation of the New Lake, since it is going to generate a whole new ecosystem, very similar to the one of the neighboring lakes. We consider the given site as a coniferous forest which is interrupted by two clearings; two thematic parks which by their function produce energy in a sustainable and environmental friendly way. The northern park is “The Farm”, a circular site divided in functions that consist an autonomous and self-sufficient farm. Fecal matter from the domestic animals is used for the production of energy, whereas the herd it-self contributes to the New Lake ecosystem maintenance. The southern park hosts the “Nomadic Festival”, a place of gathering for 5.000 campers that operates during the summer months. Most of its area is planted by sunflowers and wild artichokes whose seeds are used for the production of bio-fuel.